Yoshino Zushi Honten / Nihonbashi “A famous restaurant known as the birthplace of Toro-nigiri

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Yoshino Zushi Honten (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Founded in 1879. It is a famous restaurant in Nihonbashi known as the birthplace of Toro Nigiri.
Lunch: ¥2,000~¥2,999 Dinner: ¥10,000~¥14,999

Tuna is always at the top of the popularity ranking of sushi items.
Tuna is the most expensive of all sushi items, and is considered the most expensive of all sushi items.
This time, we report on Yoshino Zushi Honten, the first restaurant to offer tuna toro as a sushi item.
For business hours, holidays, and reviews, please refer to the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page.

A long-established restaurant in Nihonbashi that faithfully preserves the basics of Edo-mae sushi

Yoshino Zushi Honten” is a long-established and very famous restaurant founded in 1879.
Yoshino Zushi is a restaurant that follows the tradition of “Yohee Sushi,” one of the three most famous sushi restaurants in Edo (Tokyo), and has maintained the policy of “not adding sugar to the vinegar mixture,” which is rare in Tokyo today.

The birthplace of Toro Nigiri

It is said that in the past, tuna toro was discarded without being eaten.
Yoshino Zushi Honten” began to pay attention to the deliciousness of toro and began serving it, and is known as the originator of toro nigiri, a dish that Japanese people have come to love.
The name “Toro” came from a conversation between the second generation owner and a customer, who said that the tuna “melts in your mouth” and “tastes tender when you put it in your mouth,” and it has become commonplace.

A long-established and famous restaurant, but a common place.

I first visited Yoshino Zushi in 2012.
I was a little nervous to walk through the curtain as it was a long-established and famous restaurant, but I found it to be a very commonplace restaurant that I could enter without feeling self-conscious (the menu below is current as of December 2012).

I ordered the nigirizushi (2,100 yen), and after one bite, I knew it was a good restaurant.
First of all, the rice is very tasty.
The ingredients are well-prepared and coated with boiled-down soy sauce.
You can add a little soy sauce if you like.
I also recommend the homemade baked egg, which is cooked thinly.

The price was reasonable at 2,100 yen (as of 2012) for this location and this content, and it was a wonderful restaurant.

This restaurant is a must visit for tuna lovers!

At Yoshino Zushi Honten, in addition to so-called “Edo-mae fish” such as octopus, squid, conger eel, kohada, and shako (giant clam), we also purchase the best ingredients according to the time of year and the place of production.
Mr. Masatoshi Yoshino, the fifth generation owner, says, “I really like Edomae fish, but there are times when fish from other regions are better depending on the season. In those cases, we stock the better fish.
The rice is made with only red vinegar and salt, and no sweetening is added. This is a traditional method that has remained unchanged since the establishment of the restaurant.
Yoshino Zushi Honten” continues to operate in Nihonbashi, mixing new techniques with old-fashioned techniques.
If you like tuna toro, you should definitely visit this restaurant.

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For access, hours of operation, holidays, and reviews of Yoshino Zushi, please see the Google map below.

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