Sushi Seizan / Nakano “A cosy Nakano hideaway sushi restaurant.

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鮨 せいざん(中野区)
Sushi Seizan (Nakano-ku, Tokyo)

This is the place to eat delicious sushi in Nakano at a reasonable price! Amazingly good value for money.
Lunch: ¥2,000~¥4,999 Dinner: ¥12,000~¥14,999

In recent years, new office buildings and universities have been built one after another in Nakano, and the daytime population has increased so rapidly that the capacity of restaurants has not been able to keep up, leading to the term “lunch refugees” being thrown around.
In such Nakano, there is a restaurant that is highly praised as “inexpensive and tasty!
This time, we will report on Sushi Seizan, a popular sushi restaurant that has been called “the best in Nakano.
Please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page for business hours, holidays, reviews, etc.

We found a nice sushi restaurant in the Nakano area, where many lunch refugees are staying!

The other day I had some work in Nakano and finished before midnight, so I decided to have lunch in the vicinity.
I come to this area from time to time, but as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is quite difficult to find a restaurant for lunch in Nakano because new office buildings and universities are being built one after another, the city has changed, and the number of people has increased rapidly.

On this day, too, I could not decide on a restaurant, but one sushi restaurant caught my attention when I was searching for it on my cell phone.
I thought it might be expensive since it was listed on the high-end restaurant reservation site “,” but it seemed to be serving sushi for only 1,800 yen, so I decided to try it.

That is why we visited a sushi restaurant called “Sushi Seizan” near Nakano Broadway.

Amazingly cost-effective sushi restaurant!

Frankly speaking, the lunch here is “awesome!” is all I can say.
Eight pieces of sushi, rice, miso soup, etc. for 1,800 yen. I was so impressed with the sushi that I thought to myself, “How can I eat such sushi for 1,800 yen?
The following picture should be enough to give you an idea of the taste of the sushi.

It is difficult to find a restaurant in Tokyo, let alone in Nakano, that serves nigirizushi of this caliber for the price of 1,800 yen.

About Sushi Seizan

The ingredients for the neta are carefully selected and shipped directly from Hokkaido and Fukuoka, and two types of rice are used to create exquisite sushi.
Incidentally, Sushi Seizan is a sister restaurant of Sushi no Yonbunya Aoyama, which is owned by the Yonbunya Group (head office: Nakano Ward), which operates a chain of yakiton, yakitori, kushi-age and fish taverns, and is the only high-end sushi restaurant in the Yonbunya Group.
Although it is called a high-class restaurant, it is one of Nakano’s hideouts where you can enjoy delicious sushi in a relaxing atmosphere with excellent cost performance.
Sushi Seizan is a wonderful restaurant that we can confidently say is “the place to go if you want good sushi at a reasonable price! I can say with confidence that Sushi
This restaurant does not have an official website or Instagram, which is rare nowadays.

Access, Reviews

For access to Sushi Seizan, hours of operation, regular closing days, reviews, etc., please see the Google map below.

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