Sushi Ikki / Chitose Funabashi “It’s a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic sushi without being self-conscious.

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鮨 一喜(世田谷区)
Sushi Ikki (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Chitose Funabashi/Sushi

The first Michelin-listed restaurant in Chitose Funabashi. You can enjoy authentic sushi without being stiff-necked.
Lunch: ¥8,000~¥9,999 Dinner: ¥15,000~¥19,999
Sushi Ikki(

In the relatively unassuming station of Chitose Funabashi on the Odakyu Line, there is an up-and-coming sushi chef restaurant that has suddenly appeared.
This time we report on Sushi Ikki, which was listed in the Michelin Guide just three years after its opening.
Please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page for business hours, holidays, reviews, etc.

Sushi restaurant offering authentic Edo-mae sushi at reasonable prices

Soon after I returned to Tokyo from an eight-year stint working alone, I heard about a great sushi restaurant in Chitose Funabashi.
The restaurant was Sushi Ikki, which had just opened a short time before.
I visited the restaurant in August 2022, exactly two years after it opened. At the time, the Corona disaster was still affecting me and I was working from home a lot, but I took advantage of my telecommuting time to make a reservation for lunch on a weekday and visited the restaurant.

As it was our first time, we had the lunch course (7,000 yen including tax for 3 appetizers, steamed egg custard, 10 kinds of nigiri, 1 kind of maki, egg, and bowl), and all sushi were very creative and delicious (prices as of August 2022).

The sensitivity of the young general is wonderful!

I feel that there are some restaurants that are popular and others that are not, even though they serve the same level of food.
This is probably due to the atmosphere of the restaurant, the way the food is served, and the customer service, but I also think it is probably due to the sensitivity of the owner (this is probably also the sensitivity of the owner, but I was also surprised by the dried gourd, which is not often seen as a sushi item).

The owner is still young, but I felt he has great sensitivity when I visited on this day.

Listed in the Michelin Guide just 3 years after opening

At the time of my visit to this restaurant, I had posted the following on my Facebook page.
Chitose Funabashi is a town with much less restaurant coverage than neighboring Kyodo, and so far no sushi restaurants have been listed in the Michelin Guide. I would like to see “Sushi Ikki” become the first restaurant in Chitose Funabashi to be listed in the Michelin Guide, taking advantage of the fact that it is located in Chitose Funabashi.
Just one year later, Sushi Ikki was listed in the Michelin Guide.
Since that time, there was a sense of anticipation that Sushi Ikki would be listed in the Michelin Guide in the near future.
But to be listed in the Michelin Guide just three years after opening is truly an accomplishment.

Sushi Ikki’s commitment

When we visited the restaurant, we spoke with the owner, Mr. Takafumi Kiyonaga, who said, “Of course we purchase the freshest ingredients, but we also take the time and effort to prepare the ingredients to bring out the best flavor by observing the condition of the ingredients.
He also said, “I carefully select each dish from Kyo-yaki to Arita-yaki so that customers can enjoy not only sushi and sake, but also the dishes themselves.

The prices are kept as low as possible, but the location of Chitose Funabashi may be one of the reasons why we can offer high-level sushi at reasonable prices.
We expect it will be even more difficult to get reservations now that the restaurant has been listed in the Michelin Guide, but we hope that many people will visit!

Access, Reviews

For access, hours, holidays, and reviews of Sushi Ikki, please see the Google map below.

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