Aoki Kamata Honten/Kamata, Keikyu Kamata “Delicious sweet gravy that oozes out

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とんかつ檍 蒲田本店(大田区)
Aoki Kamata Honten(Ota-ku, Tokyo)
Kamata, Keikyu Kamata / Tonkatsu, Katsu-don (pork cutlet and pork cutlet served on top of a bowl of rice)

One of Kamata’s top three tonkatsu restaurants. The meat is juicy and tasty without being oily. It is also a good value for money restaurant.
Lunch: ¥1,000~¥1,999 Dinner: ¥2,000~¥2,999

When people think of the “holy land of tonkatsu,” most people probably used to think of Ueno, but today many people might rather think of Kamata as the “holy land of tonkatsu.
Like Ueno’s “Gosanke,” Kamata has what is known as the “Kamata Tonkatsu Gosanke.
This time we will report on one of them, “Tonkatsu Aoki”.
Please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page for business hours, holidays, reviews, etc.

Selected as one of the 100 best restaurants on the food log every year!

Tonkatsu Aoki opened in Kamata in 2010, but in just a few years it has become one of the most popular restaurants in Kamata, and has been selected as one of the “100 Best Tonkatsu Restaurants” by a major gourmet website every year.
What is unique among the “Kamata Tonkatsu Gosanke” is the fact that they have opened multiple restaurants.
Currently, there are approximately 10 stores in the Tokyo area.
Although it is nice to be able to enjoy the same taste without having to go all the way to the main restaurant, there are probably many people who would still prefer to eat at the main restaurant.
I was one of them, and I went to the main store in Kamata during a break from visiting my business partners.

Popular restaurant with a long line of customers.

We went to the restaurant a little after 11:00 a.m. because we expected it to be crowded, but there was already a line and we were able to enter after about a 30-minute wait.
During that time, there were 5-6 customers who had finished eating, but they did not move forward, and I wondered why, but it seems that the system is to group several people together and start them all at once.

The flavor of the meat juices spreading in the mouth is indescribably delicious!

When we took our seats, Himalayan rock salt was placed in front of us and it said, “Please enjoy the tonkatsu with salt.
Seeing this, I became more and more excited with anticipation.

There were two types of fin cutlets available for lunch: a special fin cutlet set meal for 2,000 yen (200 grams) and a fin cutlet set meal for 1,500 yen (170 grams), but we were told it was simply a difference in quantity and ordered the fin cutlet set meal (1,500 yen) (prices are as of May 2022).
Soon after, the tonkatsu arrived, and even at 170 grams, it was quite hearty.

Tonkatsu Aoki uses aseptic Hayashi SPF pork, so I thought it might be a little raw, but it was quite cooked.

The oil is well drained and the meat is juicy.
When you bite into it, the sweet juices ooze out in your mouth, and it is indescribably delicious.
Because of the aroma of the meat, I found it tastier with salt than with sauce.
The taste and volume are both perfect, and I think it is inexpensive at 1,500 yen.
Tonkatsu Aoki also operates “Curry Shop Ippekoppe” in various locations, which is also known as a popular restaurant with a long line.

Access, Reviews

For access, hours of operation, holidays, and reviews of Tonkatsu Aoki, please see the Google map (view larger map) below.

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