Tempura Kanno / Umegaoka “A restaurant where you can enjoy delicious tempura without putting your shoulders to the test.

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Tempura Kanno (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

The owner, who trained at Ginza Tenichi, serves high quality tempura that maximizes the flavor of the ingredients.
Lunch:¥1,000~¥1,999 Dinner:¥6,000~¥7,999

I was planning to visit Umegaoka (Setagaya Ward) on the Odakyu Line and asked a friend who lives in Setagaya Ward, “Do you know any good restaurants?” and she told me about a tempura restaurant near Umegaoka Station.
For this reason, we would like to introduce a famous tempura restaurant, “Tempura Kanno,” which is greatly supported by Setagaya Ward residents.
For business hours, holidays, reviews, etc., please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page.

Popular restaurant with lines out the door even on weekdays.

The opening time of Tempura Kanno was 11:30 a.m., but I was a little late and arrived at the restaurant a little after 11:40 a.m. I thought it was going to be tough, but I managed to slip into one of the last seats.

The way it is fried, the way the sauce is covered, and the way the oil is cut are all excellent!

While we were waiting, we looked around and saw that most of the customers had ordered tempura (set meal or course, I am not sure) instead of tendon.
After a while of waiting, when I put my face a little closer to eat the tendon that was brought to me, I could smell a very good aroma.
It was not just the smell of oil, but it was mixed with the savory aroma of the ingredients.

It looked like a tendon with a lot of sauce and seemed to be quite flavorful, but when I actually tried it, I did not feel that way at all.

Also, tendon tends to be watery due to the steam from the rice, but this was not the case with this tendon, and the tempura remained crispy.
I think this is a tempura restaurant that excels in all aspects, including the way the tempura is fried, the way the sauce is applied, the oil is kept sharp, and the price.

About “Tempura Kanno

The owner of this tempura specialty restaurant, who trained at the first-rate Ginza restaurant Ten’ichi, opened this restaurant in Umegaoka in order to provide a place where one can enjoy tempura in casual wear without feeling self-conscious.
In the category of a street tempura restaurant, this is a very high-level restaurant.
The oil is very well drained, so even those who do not like the fatty taste of tempura can enjoy it.
As for the sake, sake and wine are carefully selected by the owner and the sommelier, respectively.
A friend of mine who lives in Setagaya Ward says, “Since I came to Setagaya, this is the only place I choose for tempura. I like the aroma of the taihaku oil”.
Also, “Tempura Kanno” was introduced in a popular TV program “Admachic Tengoku” on February 9, 2002.
We felt that the beautiful homepage was also a sign of good taste.

Access, Reviews

For access, hours of operation, holidays, and reviews of Tempura Kanno, please see the Google map below.

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