GINZA KASUGA / Ginza 1-chome “Famous tempura restaurant in a back alley for those in the know

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Ginza Kasuga (Chuo-ku)
Ginza 1-chome/Tempura

A long-established tempura restaurant located in a back alley in Ginza. Reasonably priced tempura bowls at lunch time are recommended.
Lunch:¥1,000~¥1,999 Dinner:¥10,000~¥14,999
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Every once in a while, an acquaintance asks me, “Do you know of any good, inexpensive restaurants in Ginza?” I introduce a tempura restaurant in Ginza 1-chome.
This time, we would like to introduce GINZA KASUGA, a tempura restaurant that boasts a cost performance that is unthinkable for its location in Ginza.
For business hours, holidays, reviews, etc., please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page.

A secluded restaurant in a back alley in Ginza

I was looking for a place to have lunch near Yurakucho Station and happened to find a wonderful tempura restaurant, which was GINZA KASUGA.
Located in a back alley off the side of Petit Ozami, many people don’t know about it, but it is a great restaurant that serves delicious tempura at a reasonable price in this day and age.

It is a long-established restaurant that opened in 1957 and was featured in the July 25, 2015 broadcast of the popular TV program “Admachic Tengoku” on July 25, 2015.

I recommend the “top tempura rice bowl” instead of the “ordinary” one.

When I entered the restaurant, the waiter asked me, “Have you decided?” but rather, “Would you like a bowl of tendon?”
The recommended tempura is “Zyotendon”, so please ask for “Zyotendon” instead of “tendon”.
The Zyotendon consists of two prawns, a smelt, conger eel, seaweed, sweet potato, shiso leaves, and green bell pepper, and comes with miso soup and pickles.

The tempura was not only gorgeous to look at, but also crispy and fried without being greasy.
I like sweet seasoning, so I felt the sauce could have been a little sweeter, but it was very tasty.
It is nothing short of admirable that they serve such a good tempura bowl in a prime Ginza location for the price of 1,500 yen (price as of July 2022).

The rest of the menu was also very attractive.

I looked closely at the menu and saw that it was called “cod roe rice(鱈子ご飯).

I was intrigued, so I ordered the “cod roe rice” when I visited on another day.
The “cod roe rice” was also delicious.

However, I still want to eat cheap and delicious tempura with gusto when I come here, so from the next time on, I always order the “Kamitendon” (top tempura bowl).

About “Ginza Kasuga

GINZA KASUGA purchases seasonal wild fish and vegetables from Tsukiji and direct from the market, and serves them to customers.
Tendon (bowls of rice topped with tempura) at lunch is a popular menu item, but the restaurant also offers a course menu at night, which can be used for entertaining guests.
The first floor has 9 counter seats and 5 table seats, and the second floor can accommodate up to 12 people in a tatami room.
Recently, the number of foreign customers seems to be increasing, and many of them have expressed their admiration for its delicious taste and cost-effectiveness.

Access, Reviews

Access to Ginza Kasuga, hours of operation, holidays, reviews, etc. can be found on the Google map below.

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