Maruyama Shokudo / Keikyu Kamata “Rare Hayashi SPF pork served at a low price”.

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Maruyama Shokudo(Ota-ku, Tokyo)
Keikyu Kamata/Tonkatsu

One of Kamata’s top three tonkatsu restaurants. It is a restaurant that combines quality, cost, and volume.
Lunch: ¥1,000~¥1,999 Dinner: ¥1,000~¥1,999
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There are three popular tonkatsu restaurants in Kamata, known as the “Kamata Tonkatsu Gosanke.
One of them, Maruyama Shokudo, is a long-established restaurant that opened in 1971, but I have not had a chance to visit it in Kamata.
This time, I finally had a chance to visit the restaurant, and I would like to report on my visit.
For business hours, holidays, reviews, etc., please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page.

You can eat Hayashi SPF pork at an amazing price!

I had heard rumors about Maruyama Shokudo and was prepared to wait in line, but perhaps because I arrived a little early (after 11:30), there was no wait.
When I entered the restaurant and looked at the menu, there were so many varieties that I had a hard time deciding which one to choose.
Although I knew that the royal road to pork cutlets is loin, I was torn between my advancing age and my original preference for filet mignon, but in the end I ordered the “Tokujo Hire Katsu Teishoku” (1,900 yen).
After a 15-minute wait, it was brought out to us, and it was quite a large portion, well over 200 grams.

Also, as you can probably tell from the image above, the juices overflowing from the slightly pinkish cross section of the meat are very appetizing.
The seemingly thick batter did not bother me; in fact, it had a pleasant texture and the oil was well cut.
The tonkatsu was as delicious as the rumors said it would be.
Maruyama Shokudo uses Hayashi SPF pork, which is a rare brand of pork produced at a pig farm in Chiba Prefecture under strict health management.
I had seen the owner of Tonkatsu Hayashiya, a tonkatsu restaurant in Kariya City, where I used to work in Aichi Prefecture, go to great lengths to obtain Hayashi SPF pork, so I was truly surprised to see the valuable Hayashi SPF pork fillet being offered for 1,900 yen.

A wide variety of menu items other than tonkatsu

Maruyama Shokudo offers a variety of tonkatsu dishes, but as the name “Shokudo” implies, the restaurant also offers a wide range of other dishes, including ginger yaki, hamburger steak, and an extra large fried raw oyster set meal, which are also popular (menu as of April 2022).

After visiting this time, I could clearly see that this restaurant combines quality, cost performance, and volume.

Relationship between “Maruyama Shokudo” and “Tonkatsu Aoki”

The three restaurants generally referred to as “Kamata Tonkatsu Gosanke” are Maruyama Shokudo, Tonkatsu Aoki, and Maruichi.
After visiting Maruyama Shokudo, I learned that the founder of Maruyama Shokudo, Shoichi Maruyama, is also the founder of Tonkatsu Aoki, and his son Yohei is the second generation of Maruyama Shokudo.
Hearing this story, I was intrigued and went to “Tonkatsu Aoki” right away.
Both restaurants were excellent and popular in their own ways.
In fact, there is one other restaurant in Kamata that I recommend.
It is called “Daiki,” and it serves my favorite low-temperature slow-fried pork cutlet.
It is the one I would like to visit most at the moment.

Access, Reviews

For access to Maruyama Shokudo, hours of operation, holidays, reviews, etc., please see the Google map below.

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