Hamacho Kaneko / Suitengumae, Hamacho “This is the best place to eat soba in Nihonbashi!

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Hamacho Kaneko (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Suitengumae, Hamacho, Ningyocho / Soba

The restaurant’s delicious soba noodles, which have a smooth texture, are listed in the “Michelin Guide Tokyo 2023”.
Lunch:¥1,000~¥1,999 Dinner:¥4,000~¥4,999

The redevelopment of Nihonbashi, which still retains a strong sense of Edo (old name of Tokyo), has brought new commercial facilities and new independent stores by the younger generation to the area, making it a popular place where tradition and innovation merge.
In this issue, we report on Hamacho Kaneko, a soba restaurant that opened in 2015 and has already been selected as a Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide.
Please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page for business hours, holidays, reviews, etc.

A famous soba restaurant I stumbled upon on a business trip to Tokyo

One day in October 2020, when I was still working in Nagoya, I came to Tokyo on a business trip.
The destination was Nihonbashi Hamacho and the appointment was at 13:30.
This was like asking me to have lunch in this neighborhood, so I went looking for a restaurant without hesitation.
After searching this and that on my cell phone, I found a buckwheat noodle restaurant with a certain atmosphere, and decided to visit it.
That is why I chose “Hamacho Kaneko” as my soba restaurant of choice.

In addition to the soba, the tempura is also super delicious!

This was my first time visiting the restaurant, so I took a close look at the menu to decide what to order (prices on the menu are as of October 2020).

I ordered cold soba and assorted tempura (2,400 yen total), which was not on the menu.
The tempura was as good as the soba, and far better than those served at most tempura restaurants.

*Tempura also included conger eel, but I was so engrossed in eating that I forgot to photograph it.

Owner trained for 10 years at a Michelin Guide restaurant.

I thought to myself, “This is so good, yet it’s not listed in the Michelin Guide!” But when I got home, I found out that it had already been selected as a Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2017, which I was unaware of (it was later listed in the Michelin Guide again in 2023).
The owner of this restaurant opened Hamacho Kaneko here after 10 years of training at the famous Soba Rakutei restaurant in Kagurazaka.
He has a background as a businessman who worked in apparel sales, and perhaps his good sense is reflected in his soba making.

After this, I took a walk around the Nihonbashi area, where the old and the new are mixed together in just the right way, and I always feel excited whenever I come here.
I can say with confidence, “If you want to eat soba in the Nihonbashi area, this is the place to go!


For access to Hamacho Kaneko, hours of operation, holidays, reviews, etc., please see the Google map below.

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