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 Handle: hossie
・Company Employee
・Based in Tokyo
・Waseda University Graduate: Faculty of Law
・Resident of various Japan Cities Fukuoka | Kumamoto | Miyazaki Hiroshima | Osaka | Nagoya | Tokyo

Hi ! My nickname is ‘hossie’, and I’m the administrator of this website.
Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular, and is one of the major draw-cards for foreigners visiting Japan today.
Choosing the right restaurant is key to enjoying a great meal experience.
I’ve often heard people say, “I went to a restaurant that was promoted in a guidebook, but it was full of foreigners and almost no Japanese !”
And there’s an increased demand from repeat-visitors to Japan to go to restaurants “where Japanese people usually eat at !”
In Japan, we say “Ask a cab driver for a good restaurant.”
But in Tokyo, in particular, it’s the businessman who also has that insider knowledge too, ad whether for business or pleasure, they’ve discovered the best places.
On this site, I’d like to introduce you to a wide range of quality dining experiences that I have used either for casual eating or business entertainment purposes – places that that are simply “delicious”.
I’m sure foreign visitors to my home country will be pleased with my recommendations!

・About the title of this site
In Japan, company employees are called “salarymen” (Lehman for short), hence the title of this website “Lehman’s Lunch”.

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