Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta/Yoyogi Uehara “Michelin star restaurant”

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Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦(渋谷区)
Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
Yoyogiuehara/Ramen, Tsukemen
It was the first restaurant in the world to be awarded a Michelin star in the ramen category.
Lunch: ¥3,000~¥3,999 Dinner: Members Only
Japanese Soba Noodles tsuta | 蔦 |

About three months after returning to Tokyo from Nagoya in April 2022, I learned of a ramen restaurant in Yoyogi Uehara that was the first in the world to receive a star in the Michelin Guide, and I immediately paid a visit.
This time, we report on “Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta”, a famous one-star Michelin restaurant in Yoyogi Uehara.
Please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page for business hours, holidays, reviews, etc.

Perhaps it was the aftermath of Corona, but the restaurant was relatively empty and unoccupied.

I had heard that it was a popular restaurant, so I was prepared for a line, but surprisingly it was quite empty.
Perhaps, though, the effects of the Corona disaster were still continuing.
I entered the restaurant thinking that the restaurant business was still tough.

This restaurant is well prepared for foreigners!

I was surprised when I sat down and drank the water brought to me by the waiter.
It was room temperature, not cold.
But when I looked at the menu, I thought, “Oh, so that’s what it is!
Because the right side of the menu was written in Japanese and the left side in English.

This restaurant seems to be very conscious of customers from overseas.
It is said that foreigners prefer room temperature water instead of cold water, so I think this means that they are responding to that.

The sharp soy sauce-flavored broth is delicious!

Since it was a good opportunity, I ordered the “Soy sauce Ramen with Extra pork and egg” (2,000 yen), which was at the top of the menu (menu as of July 2022).

As for the key flavor, I think it is a delicious evolution of the normal soy sauce flavor.
The chashu pork was especially outstanding.

The soup is of the “Iida Shoten” type, which is very popular nowadays. Famous places such as MAIKAGURA and Shibata (both in Setagaya Ward) are in this category (this is just my opinion).

A restaurant that goes beyond the boundaries of a ramen shop

This restaurant is not what you would call an ordinary ramen restaurant.
In other words, it might be called “a ramen restaurant representing Japan.
Even if the taste is good, the 2,000 yen price tag may make it difficult for Japanese people to repeat their visit, but as a ramen restaurant for foreign visitors to Japan, there is nothing to complain about in terms of taste or price.
Perhaps because of the Corona disaster, there were no foreigners there that day, but I am sure that when Corona calms down, foreign tourists will visit and leave with fond memories of having had great ramen in Tokyo.
In that sense, I think this is a wonderful ramen shop that can contribute to improving the image of Japan.

Access, Reviews

In September 2022, five months after I visited “Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta,” the owner, Yuki Onishi, passed away from acute heart failure.
I was really surprised, and at the same time, I wondered what would happen to this famous restaurant that Mr. Onishi had worked so hard to build.
Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta reopened in February 2023 after a five-month closure.
Now that the Corona disaster has passed, the number of customers seems to be returning, including inbound foreigners.
In February 2024, the restaurant will start a new business model called “Yoru Tsuta,” a nighttime business with a membership system, and is planning to expand its business in the future.
For access, business hours, holidays, and reviews of Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, please see the Google map below.

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