Kuriten / Soshigaya-Okura “A famous tempura restaurant frequented by food connoisseurs in Setagaya Ward.

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Kuriten (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)

The batter is white, thin, and light. The restaurant is a favorite of Setagaya-ku food connoisseurs who are fascinated by the craftsmanship and honest personality of the chef.
Lunch:¥3,000~¥3,999 Dinner:¥8,000~¥9,999
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Tempura, once fast food, is now considered haute cuisine.
Among such restaurants, there are some that offer inexpensive, delicious, and beautiful tempura.
In this issue, we will introduce you to Kuriten, a tempura restaurant located in Soshigaya-Okura.
For business hours, holidays, reviews, etc., please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom.

A famous restaurant tucked away in a residential area

I had plans to visit the Soshigaya-Okura area in December 2022, so I searched for a restaurant on the Internet and found a tempura restaurant.
I had never heard of this restaurant before, but for some reason I was drawn to it, so I decided to give it a try.
The exterior of the restaurant blends in so well with the residential area that you wouldn’t even know it was a restaurant, and if you weren’t careful, you could easily pass by without noticing.

It was a weekday at noon, and we arrived at the restaurant around 11:45.
There were about 10 seats, but there were already customers ahead of us and the restaurant was almost full.

Delicious and beautiful looking tempura!

There were two types of lunch: tempura rice (3,000 yen including tax) and a private course (7,920 yen including tax), so I ordered the tempura rice.
There were plenty of prawns, fish, kakiage (deep-fried fish and vegetables), and seasonal vegetables, and the rice can be refilled at any time.

Tempura fried in front of you by a tempura chef is exceptional.
The thin batter of the tempura was just the way I like it, and the oil was very well drained.
If I had to sum up my impression of this restaurant’s tempura in one word, I would say that it is not only delicious but also beautiful.

I thought it was amazing that they were able to offer such a substantial portion of tempura for the price of 3,000 yen (price as of December 2022).

About “Kuriten

Kuriten was opened in 2013 in Soshigaya-Okura by the owner, who trained for 15 years at Miyagawa, a famous Kansai-style tempura restaurant in Minami-Aoyama.
The restaurant is small and neat, with about 10 seats. The restaurant was run by a chef and a female waitress.
The restaurant used to have tendon on the menu, but they stopped serving it after Corona, and they do not serve tendon anymore.
It has already become a popular restaurant in the local Setagaya area, so it is safer to make a reservation when visiting.
Next time, I would like to go for the evening course.

Access, Reviews

For access, hours of operation, holidays, and reviews of Kuriten, please see the Google map below.

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