Tempura Fukamachi / Kyobashi “Won a Michelin Guide star many times!

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Tempura Fukamachi (Chuo-ku)

One of Tokyo’s most famous tempura restaurants, it has been awarded a star since the first edition of the Michelin Guide Tokyo.
Lunch:¥10,000~¥14,999 Dinner:¥20,000~¥29,999

Among the many delicious tempura restaurants in Tokyo, there is one in Kyobashi that is known as “a restaurant with a chef who has mastered Edomae tempura.
This time we will introduce you to Tempura Fukamachi, a famous restaurant that has been awarded a star in the Michelin Guide many times.
Please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page for business hours, holidays, reviews, etc.

A famous restaurant in Kyobashi that I came across by chance.

My first encounter with Tempura Fukamachi was completely by chance.
I was walking around Kyobashi at lunchtime and could not find a restaurant I wanted to go to, when I happened to see the curtain of “Tempura Fukamachi” and was attracted by it.

Quite upscale for me at the time.

When I entered the restaurant for lunch and looked at the menu, I was surprised to see that the cheapest item on the menu was a “kakiage-don” (stir-fry rice bowl) (2,500 yen).
At the time, McDonald’s hamburgers were 100 yen each (including tax), so 2,500 yen for lunch was an unthinkable price for me.

Since we were already in the restaurant, I ordered the kakiage-don without hesitation.
However, to my surprise after eating it, I was shocked to find that I had never had such a delicious bowl of kakiage-don before!

The owner is a talented chef with many years of training at a famous restaurant.

I was curious and looked up the biography of the owner, Masao Fukamachi, and found the following: “Born in 1949, he moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 to become a chef.
At the age of 27, he became the head chef of the Japanese cuisine section, a position he held for a total of 34 years.
After many years of training at famous restaurants, he finally opened his own restaurant, Tempura Fukamachi (currently run by the second generation).

Earned a one-star rating from the first edition of the Michelin Guide Tokyo

Tempura Fukamachi opened in 2002, but was already awarded one star in the first edition of the Michelin Guide Tokyo in 2007.
At that time, five other restaurants, including Tempura Kondo in Ginza, received one star.
Since then, Tempura Fukamachi has been awarded Michelin stars many times and continues to shine as an established Ginza restaurant.

Tempura Fukamachi’s kakiage-don (tempura tempura bowl), now a mirage

I checked to see what is happening to that shocking “kakiage-don” now, but could not find the menu on their website.
Upon closer inspection, it seems that they stopped offering it around 2018.
The only way to eat it now seems to be to make a special request at the end of a course.
I was so excited to hear this that I wanted to try it even more.
I would like to taste that excitement again someday.

Access, Reviews

For access, hours, holidays, and reviews of Tempura Fukamachi, please see the Google map below.

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