TAMEN TONARI / Nijubashimae, Tokyo “One of the most popular tamen restaurants in Tokyo.

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タンメン トナリ(千代田区)
TANMEN TONARI (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Tokyo, Nijubashimae/Ramen, Tsukemen, Gyoza

A tanmen restaurant with a rich broth and tasty, chewy noodles. There is always a long line of customers.
Lunch: ¥1,000~¥1,999 Dinner: ¥1,000~¥1,999

I love ramen, but sometimes I have an irresistible craving for tanmen.
Perhaps it is because I am chronically lacking in vegetables and my body craves it.
This time, I would like to report on one of the most popular and well-known restaurants in Tokyo, “Tanmen Tonari”.
For business hours, holidays, reviews, etc., please check the official website and the Google map at the bottom of this page.

What is Tanmen?

Tanmen is made by stir-frying plenty of vegetables, such as bean sprouts and cabbage, with pork, simmering them in a salty broth, and pouring it over boiled Chinese noodles.
It is a type of ramen, a Chinese-style noodle dish that originated in Japan and is mainly served in the Kanto region.
It is often served as part of the menu at ramen restaurants, but recently there has been an increase in the number of restaurants specializing in tanmen.

Visit recommended by a business partner.

A business partner company was housed in the Tokyo Building (TOKIA), and one of their clients told them about a famous tanmen restaurant on the basement floor of this building, called “Tanmen Tonari.

Surprised at the long line!

I went there as soon as I could, but the line was surprisingly long and I gave up and left the first time.
I went back on a day when I had a little more time to spare and got in line, but the turnover was surprisingly fast and I was able to be seated after a 20-minute wait.

Spicy, punchy vegetables are excellent.

The menu included tanmen and miso tanmen; I ordered the tanmen (menu as of July 2019).

After a few minutes of waiting, the tanmen with a heaping pile of vegetables arrived in front of us.
I started with the vegetables on top, which were spicy, punchy, and extremely tasty. I could eat many bowls of rice just with this dish.

Also, when it is brought to you, the waiter will ask you, “How would you like your ginger?” You can answer “more ginger” or “double ginger”.
Do not dissolve the ginger at first, but mix it in when you are about halfway through for a wonderful change of flavor.

Tonari” because it opened next to “Rokurinsha” (Tonari means “next to” in English)

Each bowl of TAMEN Tonari contains a whopping 360 grams of vegetables, making it the perfect ramen for today’s vegetable-deficient people.
Incidentally, “Tamen Tonari” was named after the staff of the popular ramen restaurant “Rokurinsha” who opened the restaurant next door.
I have had tanmen here so many times since then that I don’t know how many times I have visited.
It is a favorite restaurant of the manager, who always stops by whenever he visits the neighborhood.
Incidentally, the business partner I mentioned at the beginning of this article has never been to this restaurant because he has only a 45-minute lunch break at his office.
There are currently five TAMEN TONARI restaurants, three in Tokyo and two in Chiba (as of March 2024).
The Tokyo Building location is open all day, so it is recommended to go there outside of lunchtime.

Access, Reviews

For access, hours of operation, holidays, and reviews of TAMEN TONARI, please see the Google map below.

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